About You

My clients are people I truly believe I can help, and who will gain success and ROI for the time and budget they spend working with me. 

It’s important to note that, more often than not, I’m not a standalone resource for you – I consult on things like technical changes that need to be made, content strategy, and website design, but I can’t necessarily implement all of these changes myself. 

Ideally, you have a team on hand of professionals, such as developers, designers, and content creators. I collaborate with them to set up projects, run QA on completed work, and create effective, measurable results for your company or organization.

Because I work best with a team, I’m the best fit with medium- and large-sized businesses, as they have the resources to collaborate with me, and the business size for long-term partnership. That being said, I’m glad to help a smaller (but promising) business to grow.

If I feel you can find a better fit for your company than I can provide, I still want to make your call with me useful. I’m always glad to share my network of freelancers and agencies I trust and collaborate with.

Here’s some of my favorites:

Industries You Might Work In

I’ve been in the industry since 2006, and over that time I’ve worked in a lot of industries – from health and beauty to colleges, non-profits, real estate, a prominent YouTuber, and car rental. However, my clients have most often fallen into one of the following five categories:


This is definitely my strongest industry sector. I’ve been working with at least one recruiting agency at any given time since February 2012, and have performed as an in-house SEO at Adecco USA and Onward Search as well as within an agency (Dragon360), and as an independent consultant.

I’ve worked with companies hiring temp, permanent, and temp-to-permanent as well as travel nursing and locum tenens. I’ve also had a lot of experience working with RPO companies, and with recruiting agencies both small and international. 


In the SaaS space, I’ve worked with several AI companies such as Veritone, as well as Healthcare SaaS companies such as NextGen Healthcare and financial corporations.

Through my time at Adecco, I also worked with Beeline, and I also have built experience with a multitude of other SaaS companies, large and small, over the past decade or so.


Some of the more household B2B names I’ve worked with are Mass Mutual and Thrifty Auto Rental, but I also have B2B experience in companies dealing with cyber security, CBD wholesalers, network technology, corporate training, and many more throughout the past 10-11 years.

I find that B2B companies particularly benefit from my experience, as they target a small audience, and it’s important to have the strongest possible focus on their core keywords, UX/CRO presentation, and to get strong tracking in place to carefully measure success.


I have approximately 12 years of working in the healthcare space, including the previously mentioned SaaS and recruiting spaces, but have also had experience with companies dealing with vaccinations and physical therapy and rehab clinics.

I’ve also worked with a company specializing in an app that helps people get ahead of their relationship with substances such as fentanyl and alcohol before they become addicted.

Home Improvement

While I’m not as up to date with the industry as I once was, my first 5-6 years in digital marketing were spent working at Basement Systems – which included a network of basement waterproofers, HVAC specialists, home energy experts, crawl space professionals, foundation engineers, and pest control workers. The company runs similarly to a franchise, with dealers having designated, exclusive territories, and are provided centrally uniform marketing materials and proprietary products, software, and training.

During my time there, I built websites, worked as an account manager, and created content for many dozens of websites – much of which is still live today, more than 12 years later.