About Me

I’m best known for my skills in SEO. However, I’ve been in digital marketing since 2007, and I’ve gained experience in a lot of roles during that time. In fact, for the first five years of my career, I was actually best known as a content strategist. My natural curiosity, drive to grow, and love of research have driven me to continuously expand my horizons, and integrate many other disciplines into what I do.

Today, my clients count on me to speak to many subject areas that go well beyond SEO – including analytics, CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), UX (User Experience), Community (Where users gather around or discuss the brand off-website), Content Strategy, Training, and more. What I can offer you goes very far beyond simply SEO.

To review my core capabilities, check out my services page.

What To Expect From Me:

I went into business because I wanted the freedom to represent myself and uphold the values that make my work feel meaningful, valuable, and ethical.


Nearly all of my clients have come to me because they’ve worked with me, they know me, or they were referred to me by someone who has. In short, my good name in the industry IS my business, and I wouldn’t have one without it.

With that in mind, I’m committed to holding myself accountable, and to deliver work that has both immediate and long-term value to each of my clients. When doing an audit or large project, I avoid project-padding work like slide decks and PDF’s, and focus on delivering something that sets up the work to immediately move to the next stage, and provide actionable work and recommendations that are backed up by examples and third-party documentation.

I put your best interests first wherever possible. I only accept work and sign on for projects when I feel that it will be impactful and worth the investment. When reporting results, I don’t spin them to look positive – you’ll have an accurate report that focuses on substantial, conversion-first results to draw from.


When you work with me, you work with a one-person company, and are in direct contact with the person doing all the work for you. I’m my own account manager, accounting, back-end tech, and manager. And I really care about doing it right.

That sense of personal ownership of my work is reflected in the results you’ll receive. The word “thorough” comes up a lot as feedback from my clients – I don’t cut corners to save time, or lean on tools or automation as a crutch to replace good, impactful results. Even in cases where I think YOU may never know the difference in the little details, I will, and I’m the one that needs to sleep with it at night.


Before I was a digital marketer, I was a teacher – and that is still a deep part of my mental DNA. Having my clients understand the why of what I’m doing, and to be able to buy into it full understanding, is vital to me. I’m generous with my time and dedicated to patiently and fully answering any questions or points of clarification you ask for.

Where it’s in your company’s best interests, I also serve a role on both informal and formal team training – doing my part to grow your team and also to build on the skills that create autonomy for tasks you might otherwise lean on me to do at a higher cost for you.


You’re paying me to work with you – it only makes sense that I consider myself a part of your digital marketing team, not just a contractor or service provider. And because so many of my clients are, or have become, people that I’ve worked with and become respected, long-time friends with, I’ve gotten in the habit of treating all of my clients that way. These relationships are one of my favorite things about doing what I do.

I also LOVE collaborating with other vendors. They keep me fresh, and are a great source of knowledge and insight in the industry. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for excellent consultants and companies to recommend to other clients, so I’m eager to make a strong and positive connection with them.

Speaking of which, I have a great professional network, and work hard to maintain it. I’m always very happy to put you in contact with anyone I know that will be able to provide services that are outside of my scope, and set everyone up for mutual success.

Case Studies

Healthcare SaaS Long-Term Digital Consulting

I was brought on as a long-term digital consultant for a Healthcare SaaS company to provide guidance on SEO, UX, and analytics best practices. After working with the client and their development team for one year, we were able to bring year-over-year Organic Search growth of 22% per month.

RPO Client Website Redesign

I was brought on to consult on digital marketing throughout a redesign and complete relaunch of an RPO website. The result after ten months was a 62.31% increase in Organic Search traffic, and an increase in overall goal completions of 40.32%.

Nutritional Supplements Digital Audit

I was referred to this client to get their analytics set up and to perform a digital audit. Three months after a comprehensive audit was delivered and implemented, we saw a month-over-month Organic Search traffic improvement of 113.04%.


Semrush – Blog Post

  • 11/20/2020 – Posted as one of the only pieces on Wikidata online
  • Presented step-by-step instructions on how to create a Wikidata page, using a real-life example created for this blog post

Suny College – Course Slide Deck 

  • 4/12/2016, Kingston, NY
  • Presented to 6 on digital marketing for small businesses in a weekend college course

Bethel Chamber of Commerce – Presentation Slide Deck 

  • 8/17/2015, Bethel, Connecticut
  • Presented to 12 on SEO and local SEO

Onward Search – Blog Post

  • 04/2012 – Posted as Pinterest was at the peak of its power
  • Presented advice on creating a digital designer portfolio within the Pinterest format

Onward Search – Blog Post 

  • Provided research and content to guide jobseekers to create a strong social media presence
  • Parsed out tips and helpful links for all major social media platforms at the time.

Adecco USA – Blog Post

  • 2/13/2014 – Posted on the Adecco USA core blog on the topic of increasing employee productivity
  • Included click-to-tweet links, original research from Adecco, and advice gained from interviewing managers and recruiters.